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ECM Trading

Ford Beckett has built their long standing reputation based on success and team work. Our reach within the equity capital market sector is unrivaled in the finance industry. The co-operation between Ford Beckett and their partners has been of vital importance when it comes to our clients success. Working this way has enabled our teams to have better access to more profitable investment opportunities. Our team handle a very large part of both the distribution and research of opportunities that our research and analysts bring to them.

Ford Beckett’s equity capital market team provides their clients with greater access to IPO’s, Secondary offerings and a wide array of other alternative investment strategies which would compliment your existing portfolio, and increase the profitability of your investments. When it comes to the markets there are many different potential investment opportunities that you will be able to choose from, working closely with you we are able to offer you both relevant and lucrative investment choices that suit your goals.

Market Updates